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Service and Repairs

RainTree Quilting provides maintenance and repair service for most sewing machine brands.  We also offer warranty work on BERNINA and bernette sewing machines, Overlockers (sergers) and Longarms.

When bringing your machine in for service, allow for a turn-around time of approximately 2 weeks; 3 days is more typical. With few exceptions, we work on machines in the order they are received.  We do make special accommodations for individuals traveling through town though. If you are coming into Juneau by ferry or plane with your machine, please call ahead of time so we can alert the tech staff.  We have sort of an "Urgent Care" service model for our extended Southeast Alaska Family.

WE travel to Petersburg, Sitka, Haines and Ketchikan for machine service.  These travel dates are determined by need and available accommodations.  Please register for our email communication so you are aware of the dates of service.  We need a minimum of 30 committed machines to justify travel.  We always look forward to serving you!

Please print and fill out the Machine Service Form.  Make sure we have current contact information for you; our Technicians need to be able to reach you.  Do not bring any other machine accessories or items other than what is requested on the Machine Service Form. 

Click here, to download the Machine Service Form.

Bring the following accessories in with your machine:

  • Power Cord
  • Foot Control
  • Bobbin Case with Bobbin
  • Regular Stitch Plate (zig zag)
  • #1 foot (zig zag)
  • #3A Buttonhole Foot (if your machine is a BERNINA.)
  • BSR Foot (if your machine is a BERNINA with a BSR)
  • Machine manual if your machine is not a BERNINA.  (If you do not have the manual, still bring the machine in.  We can do the research; it just adds time.)

If you have an embroidery module to be serviced, please bring it along with the following accessories:

  • Embroidery Bobbin Case
  • Large Embroidery Hoop
  • #26 Embroidery Presser Foot
IF you are sending in your machine from outlying communities:

  • Please call the shop ahead of time and describe the needed service.
  • Package your machine in its original box; secure with packing tape. Label Fragile 
  • IF you do not have your original box, package carefully and make sure the airline labels the box fragile.
  • We recommend you insure the machine for its replacement value
  • We will call you prior to shipping your machine back to you.
    • If your machine arrives to you in open packaging, please refuse the package and contact us immediately by phone and email.  We ship all packages securely taped. If your machine is not securely taped when you receive it there is cause to be concerned.  Please file an immediate complaint with the airline so they can correct the problem and be prepared to compensate you for any possible damages.  Take photos...  Please know that in all the years we have serviced machines for our extended community we have only experienced 2 shipping mishaps.  Those are great odds.   One case was reported immediately and financially resolved by the airline.  
Traveling to Your Community:

During "typical years" we send our tech(s) on repair trips.  Covid and other viruses have certainly changed how we do business for now.   We are open to creative solutions.  So if you are a sewing community organizer and want to help us work on a solution give Jodie a call.  We need a point of contact person in your community to organize: accommodations, service location and a list of sewists and their machines.  We need at least 30 machines to make the trip.  Starting in 2023 there will be a nominal travel surcharge of $25 added to each machine service bill to help cover our travel related expenses.  We believe it is still important to come to you for your machine service. 

General Care Instructions:

  • Always keep the box your machine arrived in, regardless of brand.  Machine boxes and packaging are designed to protect your machine in shipping situations.  Warranties are often voided when machines are shipped without their boxes.
  • If you plan to move or ship your machine, pack it in its original box and securely tape with packing tape.  Insure your machine when shipping.
  • Clean and oil your machine regularly:
    • Use a lint brush or cotton swab to remove lint from the machine.  Remove the stitch plate, presser foot and needle.  Remove the bobbin case and hook if possible.  Clean all visible lint and dust.  DO NOT use canned air; it pushes debris further into your machine and adds moisture.
    • We suggest oiling after every 2 bobbins.  Do not over-oil; one drop is sufficient. 
    • If you break a needle, look for all broken parts prior to continued sewing.  Needle tips can get jammed in the hook area and cause damage.
    • Always use the correct needle for the job.  If a needle is to lightweight for a job it will bend, hit metal and break.
    • If you are going to pack your machine away for a while, delay oiling till you start sewing again.  It is wise to sew immediately after oiling if possible.
    • Store your machine away from damp areas.  In Southeast Alaska this means avoid closet floors that are located on exterior walls.  We do not always see the moisture but your machine does.

CONTACT RainTree Quilting
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